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St Aidan's Catholic Primary School

Hand in Hand with Jesus

Our collective worship assembly


Families and friends joined Mrs Blundell and her class in a special celebration during their recent Collective Worship on ‘Signs and Symbols’. Through role-play, scripture and psalms the children were able to show how symbols have the power to convey meaning. The children demonstrated the symbols that are important in Baptism and together shared their understanding of how the light of Christ shines in their lives.  Many parents showed their appreciation by the comments they had written in the visitors’ book:


‘You all worked so hard and today was so special. Thank you for letting me share this with you’.


Mrs D


‘A beautiful celebration of Baptism. Once again the children really enjoyed it and are a credit to St Aidan’s.’


Mrs B


‘Well done everyone. A truly wonderful performance. We all had tears in our eyes.’


Mr B