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St Aidan's Catholic Primary School

Hand in Hand with Jesus

       St. Aidan’s Catholic Primary School  

                                ‘Hand in Hand with Jesus’


Mission Statement


We aim to provide a happy school firmly rooted in the example and teachings of Jesus Christ in which we, the children, parents, staff and governors seek to encourage each other to develop our abilities to the full, for the service of all and the growth of our caring parish community.


The deliberate intention of St. Aidan’s School is to cater for the individual needs of the children and equip them with a better understanding of the world in which they live.




School Aims

Personal Qualities

  • To develop and encourage self-discipline and self confidence amongst the members of our community, fostering respect and consideration for others
  • To create an awareness with each child of their own self value and of the value that individual contribution makes to the life of our school
  • To foster initiative, reliability, tolerance, mutual respect and moral responsibility



  • To provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum for the benefit of all our pupils which includes the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life
  • To provide a positive classroom environment and atmosphere that supports and celebrates learning for everyone connected with our school
  • To provide opportunities for the development of the whole person, so that children develop their imagination, creativity, emotional, physical and social skills.
  • To promote a passion for learning through the enjoyment of discovering new things


Spirituality and Faith

  • To create a happy, secure, well ordered and caring Catholic community that readily puts into practice the Gospel values of love and forgiveness
  • To place Collective Worship at the centre of our school life and create a climate within which each child’s faith will develop
  • To provide opportunities to develop an awareness and experience of spirituality



  • To promote a sense of responsibility for the environment and justice and peace for others
  • To encourage our pupils to take an active part in the life of our community; our Parish and the wider world



The following objectives detail some of the many practical ways in which we hope to achieve the aims of our Mission statement.


Personal Qualities

  • Staff encourage the children to interact in a positive, caring, mature and sensitive manner and to become aware of the individual needs of others
  • Children are encouraged to produce their ‘best’ efforts and work independently through praise, encouragement and reassurance
  • Encouraging mutual respect and confidence, working in groups, fair play and solving arguments in circle time and through the Behaviour Policy (rewards, praise, play leaders)
  • Children are encouraged to take an active part in decision making e.g. through the school council and in their work with the Governing Body
  • Children help others with additional needs through differentiation, our SEN Policy and working with friends
  • Pupils take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, e.g. Modern Foreign Languages, a range of Sports, Music etc.
  • Personal qualities are celebrated through ‘Hexagon assemblies’ and rewards



  • Staff motivate children through interactive display, motivational posters, planned activities which promote fair play, taking turns and working as teams
  • Staff lead by example, promoting high standards in all areas of school life
  • Challenging targets are set for all pupils to aim for and progress towards targets is closely monitored
  • Planning includes differentiation at appropriate levels, shows a range of groupings and learning styles
  • Positive reinforcement at all times in all areas is given by staff and pupils are able to self-assess
  • Learning is vivid, real and enjoyable, based on first-hand experience through trips and visits
  • Pupils creativity is developed across the whole curriculum and links are made between subjects
  • ICT is used to enhance learning through the use of interactive whiteboards, laptops, note books, the internet, digital media, i-pads etc.

Spirituality and Faith

  • Staff lead by example through their relationships with others
  • We promote our Code of Conduct, which is displayed in all areas and reinforced through class rules
  • We reward pupils who show a good example to others and think of others
  • We have regular prayer, attendance at Mass and a daily act of collective worship, often planned and led by pupils
  • We explore other Faiths and develop empathy and understanding of others’ beliefs and traditions
  • We work closely with our Parish Community in Sacramental Preparation Programmes and in worship



  • We actively promote an awareness, concern and responsibility for creating an attractive and safe environment both internally and externally
  • We respect our environment and are an ‘Eco School’
  • We encourage pupils to use litter bins, to put equipment away safely and correctly, to respect and take a pride in our school
  • We encourage pupils to respect their own and others belongings
  • We make strong links with our Parish community through singing for our senior citizens, inviting Parishioners to assemblies and Masses and in our Sacramental Preparation Programmes
  • We support charitable organisations e.g. Samaritan’s Purse, Nugent Care, the Hospice, Joseph’s Goal, etc.